Mrs.B's Farmhouse Cook Book

I believe that when "love" is the primary ingredient in the foods we prepare and serve, not only are hungry bellies filled but souls are also nourished.  Love, not a hefty grocery budget, ministers to your family, friends and even strangers.  These family favorites are light on the pocketbook and are easily adaptable to personal tastes or ingredients on hand.  Remember the most important ingredient in any recipe is the unlisted ingredient of "LOVE".

"Let's Get Started" Appetizers
Artichoke & Spinach Dip

"Aroma Therapy" Breads

"Up & At 'Em" Breakfasts
Candied Yam Pancakes

"Sweet Tooth" Desserts
Almond Fig Cake
Wheat Pie Crust

"Main Event" Entrees


Fish & Seafood:


"Putting It By" Food Preservation
A Family Affair

"From the Heart" Gifts

"Fast & Frugal" Homemade Mixes

"Cool On The Palate" Salads
Carrot Salad

"Stack 'Em High" Sandwiches

"Drench It" Sauces, Spreads & Dressings
Apple Butter

"Accessorize It" Sides

"Warm Me Up" Soups & Stews

"Scratch It Out" Staples

"Eating for Less" Frugal Feasting Fridays

Kitchen Remodel

Budgeting & Planning it Out

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