Sunday, August 31, 2014

Frugality: Maintenance

In the quest to be a good steward of our resources, I've learned through experience that proper care  and maintenance of ones possessions is the ultimate act of frugality and an important practice.  In America, the family home is most often one's largest asset.  Attention to needed care and maintenance of the family home is of the utmost importance when attempting to live a frugal lifestyle.

As busy as our summer months have been, especially August, we must make maintaining our home a priority.  Along with patching a small leak in our roof, the original 1920's basement windows were also in need of attention.  The most frugal thing to do would be to replace them with modern triple paned vinyl windows.  However, living as far out in the country as we do, we will have to wait until next spring to be put on a contractor's 4-6 month waiting list.  So, in the meantime, a $35.00 can of paint is the best temporary solution to protecting the 94 year old wood framing and preventing rot.  The very poor caulk job, done by a previous owner needs to be re-done, however the caulk is the only thing holding the glass panes in place and I didn't want to risk loosing any of the panes, especially with winter coming.  Although not a perfect solution, I think it has been a good temporary solution and the wood window casings will now be protected from the wet winter snow.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Transplanted Texans

What do Texans do in the summer evenings when living in Montana?
After dining Al Fresco, (that's fancy talk for picnicking on the back porch), they wear their cowboy hats in the spa, (a fancy word for a hot tub) while listening to country music (pre 1980).
How are you and your clan spending summer evenings?  I hope your weather is as enjoyable as ours.