Monday, February 15, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy ...

Most of you who stalk follow my blog know that when it has been a while between posts, that usually means we've been VERY busy.  In addition to the regular farm chores, home schooling, church commitments and 4-H activities we've also been "on the road again" ... a tip of my hat to that old Willie Nelson song.  Of course, when any of us are away, that means lots of extra catch-up work when we return.

Songbird attended a 4-H state officer planning meeting in Bozeman, MT, Farmer Boy's 4-H livestock judging team had three competitions near the Fargo area (they earned 2nd place), and Mr.B and I took a day trip to North Dakota to pick up a jenny ... if you know what that is let me know in the comments section. 

I remembered to take my camera to Bozeman and although the weather was overcast, snowy and rainy most of the trip, I was able to snap a few photos to share with you, my faithful readers.

Although the western side of Montana is beautiful, I am always eager to return to the eastern prairie.  As stunning as the snow capped mountains are to the eye, the western region of Montana is, simply, too crowded with people for me to adequately enjoy that region.

While in Bozeman, I spent half my Saturday taking advantage of the retail opportunities a larger city offers.  I also enjoyed meals at Italian and Chinese restaurants - something not available out here on the prairie.   Bozeman is a city rich with artisans and all sorts of shops that sell their creations.  Below is a photo of a couple skeins of yarn that was harvested and hand painted right here in Montana.  I think it will become a nice scarf.

My calendar has quickly filled up and the rest of February looks as if it will be as busy as the past few weeks.  Whew!  I suppose I should get off this computer so I don't get too far behind.