Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Back ...

Has it really been over a month since my last post?  We have been unbelievably busy since our move & the internet was not connected until last week.  But here I am and ready to give you all a brief update.

My days have been filled with unpacking and organizing.  I seriously thought we had fewer things than we actually do.  After all, we hauled off literally truck load after truck load before leaving Texas.  The unpacking is almost complete.  I still have some organization to finish in the basement, unpacking for our winter recreation room and organizing my sewing and scrap booking supplies.

For the past 2 1/2 weeks ALL my spare time has been filled taking care of a special little guy.  About 4-5 weeks ago, our mama cat, Spook, had a litter of 6.  Samson, the dog, found the kittens and disrupted the "nest".  Unfortunately, Spook abandoned the litter.  When we discovered what had happened all but two kittens had passed.  We placed the two remaining in a box on a towel wrapped heating pad while I drove 45 miles (one way) to find baby animal formula and an eye dropper.  Within three days we were down to one kitten.  We estimate that he is now about 5 weeks old.  He is teething & today I started him on wet kitten food.  I hope to have him weaned within the week.  We are still deciding on a name.  Some ideas we've had include, patches, miracle and spot.
Our un-named rescued kitten.  Isn't he cute?
 This past weekend EJ celebrated another birthday.  He enjoyed a supper of smoked BBQ ribs, LOTS of macaroni and cheese and a banana nut cake with vanilla frosting.  He was (and still is) thrilled with his gift - a hunting bow.  Unfortunately, Mr.B has already taken it into the shop for a repair - EJ "dry fired" it and we don't have the vice equipment to repair it YET.  (I'm sure Mr.B will soon acquire all that sort of stuff).  But the bow is repaired and EJ now spends time everyday practicing his shots.
EJ trying out his birthday gift

"I wish for ..."
We are really enjoying our new home.  Mr.B and I still "pinch" ourselves just to make sure we aren't dreaming.  We consistently see deer, pheasants, prairie chickens. We hear coyotes and owls at night.  The ducks that had called our pond home this past summer have flown south for the winter. But EJ finally figured out what was making a "slapping" sound in the pond - beavers!  Yes, he saw three just last Friday. 
Fortunately, Old Man Winter has delayed his arrival.  Mr.B and I are working hard to get our place ready for snow cover.  I plan to post some photos of our area soon.  I'd especially like to share one of the the beautiful sunrises I wake up to each morning.

I hope you, my dear readers, have a wonderfully blessed day.