Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No, I didn't disappear ...

I've just been SOOOO extremely busy. Dad and I have almost finished the interior remodeling of our home. We have done an extensive amount of work and I never imagined that our little house could be so nice. I must also send out a hearty thank you to Mrs. A and Mrs. P. These lovely ladies came out and pitched in with some of the painting. They are such a blessing in my life and I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing them to me.
As soon as our weather clears up (we're enjoying quite a bit of rain this week), we will begin working on the outside - painting the outside of the house, adding additional shutters and painting the out buildings.
Not only have we been incredibly busy, but our internet has also been down for a couple weeks - not that I really noticed ... I didn't have any time to devote to the computer.
We enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving. Dad was here and this was the first holiday I've spent with him since I was 8 years old. AB was able to come home. We missed BT and JP. BT just couldn't get away and JP left a week earlier for the U.S. Navy Recruit Training. If you all think of him, please offer up a prayer on his behalf.
It was such a blessing to log in this evening and have messages of prayers from a few of my readers. I look forward to sharing with you all again soon.
As we've been working on our home and improving the interior, I've been thinking about the changes God makes in our lives when we accept Him as our Saviour. Like the improvements we've been doing here around the house, God works within our hearts. Prior to painting a room, I've taken a considerable amount of time to prepare the room for new paint. I first clear out all the furniture and obstacles that could get in my way and keep me from doing a good job. I then dust/wash the walls. Next I patch/repair any holes or cracks and wait for the wall compound/caulk to cure. Then, I paint on a coat of primer so the new wall color will be a pure or true match to the sample color I selected. Finally, to achieve a uniform color and professional quality I add a second coat of paint.
Like the above process, we must turn away from sin so God will have plenty of room to work within us. We must also allow Him to prepare our hearts for the changes He wants to make. We must allow Him to help us forgive others and heal the broken areas of our lives, akin to patching holes or cracks in an old wall. Like painting a coat of primer prior to painting on the color, we must allow God to create a blank and clean surface within our hearts before seeing significant changes. When we submit and allow God to prepare our hearts, that's when we will see God's hand forming us into what He has created us to be. Yes, the preparation process can be time consuming, but good prep work is the secret to a professional finish. The last time I checked, God is a professional.
Blessings to you and yours,
Mrs. B