Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hello ...

... although I'm still on my blogging "break", I wanted to take a few moments to check in.  Our summer has been ridiculously busy, but also fun and exciting.  The Littles have been going to a few local rodeos and barrel races, I've been trying to tend my garden which is only 1/2 the size as usual and I've had to make a quick 680 mile (one-way) trip out to my dad's, but I will share about all that in a later post.

Today, I have a few photos from when the Bigs were out for a visit in July.  We undertook a huge project while they were visiting.  I must tell you, I am one of the most fortunate mothers in the world.  My boys always bring work boots and work clothes when they visit and are always eager to help out around the house and farm.  We are truly blessed and honored to have these wonderful youngin's as our children.

Although our project took up more time than I anticipated, we still found an afternoon to enjoy Montana's Makoshika Park.  I am having trouble with internet connection and Blogger today thus, my photos are out of order.  But I hope you can decipher the intended order and enjoy them ...

This view is about 1/2 way down the canyon

This view is from the top looking across and down into the canyon

 The sandstone formations at the bottom of the canyon are amazing.

The natural rock bridge is always a fun and spectacular sight to see and walk across.

My Girls:   Miss N, Songbird and Musician's Bride

Two of the big boys, the Middle Child and Musician, working on our house project with Grandpa attempting to "photo bomb" the photo.

View 1 of our finished project - a new dining room.  This room used house our washer & dryer, refrigerator & freezer and 10 cabinets.  The washer/dryer and some of the cabinetry has been moved into the mud room and the fridge/freezer and remaining cabinetry moved into the kitchen.

View 2 of our new dining room.  We kept 4 of the ten cabinets and they will now serve as a coffee & tea bar and dessert buffet during family gatherings.  Granny's china hutch fits perfectly between them.

Our eat-in kitchen is no longer an "eat-in".  I now have SOOOO much room and my refrigerator / freezer unit and pantry are now located in a perfect working triangle in the kitchen.  The new dining area is much more spacious and being moved to the end of the kitchen is the perfect location for serving formal or buffet style meals.

Here's a 2nd view of the kitchen.  Our dining area and Granny's china hutch used to be located where the fridge/freezer and flanking pantry cabinets are now located.  Can you imagine squeezing 10 people around a table in that small space?   I love having a working triangle vs. the old "runway" in my kitchen.  Also, have I mentioned how much more spacious our new dining area is?

I have wanted to rearrange this kitchen since the day we first viewed this house.  Words can not express my gratitude to my family for all their hard work in making my vision for this kitchen a reality.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Suppose By Now ...

... you've surmised that I'm currently in the midst of a blogging break.  Mind you, it is not a break that I've planned, but one of necessity.  My "to do" list is simply too long.  I hope to be back soon and I pray you and yours are enjoying a most blessed and memorable summer!