Monday, April 13, 2015

"Written in the Stars" Prom 2015

It is bittersweet to see your little girl transforming into a young lady right before your eyes.  Our sweet16, Songbird, was asked to our county's high school prom.  Since we live in an extremely rural area, less than 1,000 human bodies in the entire county, our high school prom is an "open" prom.  Meaning that it is open to all public school students grades 9 - 12.  Also, the public school attendees can invite guests who are non-public school or reside out of county.  This year's turn out was tremendous - only 4 high school students chose to stay home.  Total in attendance this year, including guests, was around 60 kids.  Yes, that's right ... our public school has a K-12 student population of less than 100!  Needless to say, many of the "guests" were out of county ... Songbird was the only homeschooler invited.
Our Songbird was invited by a young 9th grader who was thrilled that, "the most beautiful girl I've EVER met ... and she doesn't care that she has to drive because I don't have a driving license, yet", said yes!  Well, enough chatter from me ... here's the photos!
Because of our 18mph spring winds, Prom Boy needed a little hair glue.
I love taking photos outside on our deck. Although, I do prefer
summer time because all the trees are full and green.

As a very conservative mom, I would have preferred
some fabric in the shoulder area, But, this dress is still
beautiful!  Prom Boy's tuxedo is a great match.

A lovely photo with Mr.B and me.

Each young lady is introduced with her escort.  Here's
Songbird and Prom Boy.

After formal introductions, each couple comes out for
a silly photo.

After formal introductions, the first dance is a
Father / Daughter, Mother / Son dance.  Mr.B and his princess ...
Isn't this heartwarming?
From a Prom perspective, one of the best aspects of living in a small rural community includes:

** The Prom is held in the decorated high school gymnasium.
No rentals of fancy ballrooms, convention centers, etc.
** Most students arrive in their own "handed down" farm truck
(a few get to use mom's car), no limousines out here.
** Only 3 of the couples were dating each other ...
all other couples were just friends.
** More than 1/2 the girls in attendance wore inexpensive
"like new" (aka, used) formals.
Songbird's dress, like many others, cost less than $25 before alterations.
** Parents are allowed to stay at the Prom as extra unofficial chaperones.
Since Mr.B had just come in from a job, meaning he'd been awake &
working 40 hours straight, we choose to go home.
**These youngin's find the county fair to be more important than Prom.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Is In The Air ... Finally ...

The temperatures are starting to warm up and we are beginning to see sprigs of green grass.  Even if our temperatures are frigid and there is snow on the ground, new life is the marker of spring around here.  Spring, summer and autumn are our busiest seasons, but spring seems to be the most fun!
Three little pigs ... Mini Mouse, Richard & Bob

Bob sees something ... something he needs to chase!
It's chickens!  Watching Bob chase the chickens was hilarious - wish this was a video.
Farmer Boy & Quatro herding the goats back to the barn.
Little lambs are the cutest!

Two little lambs are even more cute.

Our bay roan is nearly ready to foal - if she were pricked with a pin, I think she'd pop!

 The clucking choir is assembled and ready to sing ... any requests?
I finally shot a photo of our resident owl.
When all is still and quiet his hoots have a mysteriously haunting sound.
Willie is growing and growing and ... man! does he eat .. a lot!
Couldn't resist this ... my little babysitting charge, ET, trying on my gardening sombrero.
Is spring beginning to burst fourth in your neck of the woods?  What sorts of exciting events are happening around your place?