Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Is In The Air ... Finally ...

The temperatures are starting to warm up and we are beginning to see sprigs of green grass.  Even if our temperatures are frigid and there is snow on the ground, new life is the marker of spring around here.  Spring, summer and autumn are our busiest seasons, but spring seems to be the most fun!
Three little pigs ... Mini Mouse, Richard & Bob

Bob sees something ... something he needs to chase!
It's chickens!  Watching Bob chase the chickens was hilarious - wish this was a video.
Farmer Boy & Quatro herding the goats back to the barn.
Little lambs are the cutest!

Two little lambs are even more cute.

Our bay roan is nearly ready to foal - if she were pricked with a pin, I think she'd pop!

 The clucking choir is assembled and ready to sing ... any requests?
I finally shot a photo of our resident owl.
When all is still and quiet his hoots have a mysteriously haunting sound.
Willie is growing and growing and ... man! does he eat .. a lot!
Couldn't resist this ... my little babysitting charge, ET, trying on my gardening sombrero.
Is spring beginning to burst fourth in your neck of the woods?  What sorts of exciting events are happening around your place?


  1. You ARE one busy lady!:-) I miss having chickens now that we live in the city. I've been told that we can own 3 chickens and no roosters but hubby doesn't want to add anything else to my schedule. So there you have it. :-)

    Glad to hear from you!

  2. Georgene,
    What a pleasure to hear from you. If I were in your situation, chickens would be so hard for me to resist. Every time hubby asked me what I wanted for b-day, mother's day, anniversary, Christmas, I'd have to say 3 hens. I truly enjoy fresh yard eggs! Fortunately, my Mr.B likes them more than I.

  3. I think that Bob might just be a wee bit mischievous. I remember our baby pigs from when I was younger, my dad used to say if they are not just going into mischief, they are just coming out of it lol! I think this is so true.

    I love all your gorgeous animals. Our little goat is going well, she is more mobile now and has been named Gracie :)


  4. Hi Tania,

    Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments. I'm glad to hear Gracie is doing well.



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