Monday, July 30, 2018

Goat Kids

Kidding season has also been keeping me busy.  As of this morning, our 2018 kid total is up to 51 with 4 more does due.  Thus far, we've had THREE sets of triplets, three singles and the remainder births have been twins  -  a very successful kidding season.

One set of our triples.  They are Nubian X Spanish. 

A GREAT story here.  As I was walking our heard and checking on babies, I saw this Spanish doe give birth to her second twin, the black one in the forefront.  The little brown Lamancha X Spanish on the right side was a triplet from another doe.  However, it was the runt and was having a difficult time keeping up with it's mom & siblings.  Also, it was not aggressive enough to push one of it's siblings away from mama's teat.  While this Spanish doe was cleaning her second twin, the little Lamancha X Spanish runt went over to her and began nursing.  This Spanish doe has officially ADOPTED the smallest Lamancha X Spanish triplet!  All three kids are growing and thriving.

I'm going out to count goats again ...


  1. Oh how sweet! My dad has goats and I always love it when baby season comes around.

  2. Oh my goodness those goats babies are so cute. How sweet of the one mama to adopt one of the tripletts. :)

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Since this post, the little "adopted" triplet has gone back to its natural mother ... BUT, also hangs out with its adopted mother. This little stink nurses from both! It's figured out how to have two mamas and twice the milk!

  3. Those babies are so cute. I know they farm animals, but I can't help myself when I see a kid. I just want to bring one home as a pet. (HEHE)

    1. Yes, my dear sister ... there are a few that are a little more dear to me than some of the others. Fortunately, the ones that are most dear happen to be females ... no slaughter house for them.

      Your Sister


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