Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Day

We had such a wonderful time of family fellowship during meal times last week. However, I am one of those who cook large amounts of food, especially when I have extra mouths at the table - I have a great fear of not having enough for second servings. Consequently, I often end up cooking too much food. That's why this week's Menu will be budget friendly"make overs" from all our leftovers. Since we aren't real crazy about eating the same things over & over, I like to turn our left overs into something new. I hope these ideas will spark your creativity and help you use up your own leftover foods.
Monday - bbq sandwiches (from leftover roast), marbled potato cakes (from left over mashed potatoes and twice baked sweet potato casserole),, fruited jello salad (from left over fruit salad)
Tuesday - chicken fried rice (from leftover fried chicken & leftover rice) -, egg rolls
Wednesday - chicken tacos (from leftover chicken enchilada filling), salad
Thursday - ham & pasta casserole (from leftover ham), steamed carrots, squash & broccoli
Friday - vegetable frittata (from leftover vegetables),, salad
Saturday - pizza
Sunday - crock pot Sunday soup, quick bread


  1. Ok I am a huge chicken fried rice fan...what's your recipe?

    Love the menu. Great frugal but hearty meals.

  2. glad you are back in the blogging groove!! Tell Olivia that Gabs said "thanks and I miss her",...we miss you all and love you even more

  3. FHL,

    I added a link in the post for the fried rice recipe.

    Mrs. B

  4. I am so glad that you posted Potato Cakes because it was not but 30 min ago that I called my husband and told him that I was going to try to make Potato Cakes for supper tonight. I have never made them before and now I am excited to try Mrs B recipe.



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