Friday, February 13, 2009

Correction & Apology

In my recent post entitled "President Obama's Plans", ( ), I provided some inaccurate information regarding partial birth abortion as outlined in The Freedom of Choice Act. Despite my personal opinions, beliefs or feelings with regard to abortion, I do not want to intentionally pass misleading or incorrect information to my readers. Thus, I apologize for my lack of oversight and I pray you all will forgive me.

In an attempt to correct my mistake, the partial birth abortion provision of the Freedom of Choice Act states: ... "every woman has the fundamental right to choose to: (1) bear a child; (2) terminate a pregnancy prior to fetal viability; (3) terminate a pregnancy after fetal viability when necessary to protect her [the woman's] life or her [the woman's] health." (note: italicized words are mine).

Now, this will over ride the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act implemented by former President Bush to the extent of allowing partial birth abortions ONLY when the woman's life/health is at risk. Unless challenged and interpreted otherwise by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Freedom of Choice Act will NOT allow a "free-for-all" of partial birth abortions in the abortion business. However, The Freedom of Choice Act does make an allowance for the life/health (including a mother's psychological health) of the mother.

Again, I apologize for the inaccurate information implied or passed on in my previous post. However, I continue, my dear readers, to implore you to contact your representative and ask him/her to steadfastly OPPOSE all legislation related to The Freedom of Choice Act.

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