Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Links in Sidebar ...

I've added a couple new links, The Grocery Cart Challenge, ( in my sidebar under the "Love To Learn" section and The Book Samaritan ( also under the "Love to Learn" section and the "We Support" section.

Gayle, The Grocery Cart Challenge, is blogging about her adventures in reducing food costs for her family. During the past year she has whittled her grocery budget for a family of six down to $60 per week! Her blog is also fun and filled with her upbeat sense of humor. I am sure you all will enjoy a visit.

I can not express how excited I am to have found The Book Samaritan! This non-profit organization provides FREE home school curriculum for financially struggling families. If you have extra curriculum from last year, please consider a tax deductible donation. With today's national unemployment rate inching toward 8%, I am sure there are many, many home schooling families who would appreciate your generosity. If, by chance, your family happens to be one of those struggling and you are unsure about where you'll find next year's curriculum, consider asking The Book Samaritan for help.

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