Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Facts

Civilla at, was tagged to list 25 facts about herself. I had such fun reading her list, I thought I would do a list too. So, here goes ...

1. I know how to cook on a wood cook stove.

2. I know how to live without electricity AND I like it.

3. My dad is a biker.

4. I will not ride a motorcycle with anyone other than my dad.

5. My husband is really good looking in a pair of starched jeans, boots and a cowboy hat.

6. I love country and western dancing but don't go anymore because as a Christian I am not comfortable in a "bar" atmosphere / also my husband doesn't dance well.

7. I use homemade laundry soap and household cleaners.

8. My children believe I'm only 29 years old.

9. I don't like to drive.

10. I prefer home cooking over restaurants.

11. Pajamas are my favorite articles of clothing.

12. Elvis Presley died on my birthday.

13. It's true, I make the best apple pie.

14. I'd like my adult children to live closer to us.

15. I am terrified of roller coasters.

16. I have an irrational fear of mice and rats.

17. I don't have time to get bored.

18. I write my government representatives so often, they sometimes send me Christmas cards.

19. I wash my hair only twice a week.

20. Seeing someone floss their teeth in public makes me sick to my stomach -YUCK!!

21. Our road trip to Disney World with Mrs. A was the BEST road trip I've ever been on.

22. When leaving the state of Georgia, (if I'm driving) I'll make 2 or 3 wrong turns and end up back in Georgia 2 or 3 times!

23. I've always had a strong academic interest in American sub-cultures (bikers, Amish, etc.)

24. I am very frugal.

25. I like silence - no t.v., radio, appliance noise, traffic noise, etc.


  1. Wow! That was cool! I could'nt cook on a woodstove!

  2. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TRIP EVER! Georgia here we come! Actually she only knows how to make "right" turns! I love you!

    Mrs. A


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