Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Day

It looks like this week will be a busy one for the B family. In addition to athletic practices and regular church activities, we will also busy ourselves by prepping our garden ... early planting for our area of the country is only a couple weeks away. This week's menu is full of fast, easy and budget friendly meals. I usually don't post our breakfast and dinner plans but this week I've decided to share them. I hope these inspire you to eat at home, even if your upcoming week is looking to be as busy as mine. This week I'm also sharing my frugal homemade brown sugar recipe with you. You'll be amazed at how easy and fast this is!
Monday - cinnamon & brown sugar oatmeal
Tuesday - scrambled eggs, toast, fresh fruit
Wednesday - yogurt w/ homemade granola (from Feed Your Family For $12 A Day by Rhonda Barfield pg. 123), toast, fresh fruit
Thursday - corn grits, vanilla pears
Friday - French toast, fresh fruit
Saturday - pecan & raisin oatmeal
Sunday - blueberry muffins, fresh fruit
Monday - pb&j sandwiches, fresh fruit / chef salad for dad
Tuesday - tuna salad, crackers, pear sauce
Wednesday - pb&j sandwiches, fresh fruit
Thursday - mac & cheese, fresh fruit
Friday - tomato dumplings (, easy bread sticks
Saturday - turkey sandwiches, vanilla pears
Sunday - crock pot chili, corn muffins
Monday - bbq chicken sandwiches (from last week's leftover grilled chicken), seasoned oven fries, fruited jello
Tuesday - grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, homemade tomato soup (from
Wednesday - stirred fried noodles (, egg drop soup
Thursday - French onion soup, easy bread sticks (from Feed Your Family for $12 a Day by Rhonda Barfield, pg. 116)
Saturday - frankfritters, strawberry & celery salad w/ honey dressing (from Forgotten Recipes complied by Jaine Rodak, pg. 51 & 102)
Frugal Homemade Brown Sugar
1 c. granulated sugar
2 tsp. molasses (more for dark brown sugar)
Blend well with a fork. Makes 1 c. brown sugar. Doubles & triples well.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. My goodness, you are organized with your menu planning. I need to take a lesson from you! Your meals look fantastic! I just need to take the time to write stuff down and get it out of my head so it actually happens!

    Have a great day!

  2. Ok so the brown sugar...with the addition of molasses does it make it a dry or wet sugar?

  3. The homemade brown sugar will be a little dryer than store bought brown sugar.

    Mrs. B


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