Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Simple Living

What do the words simple living bring to your mind? Do you envision lounging upon a sunny beach with a cold glass of lemonade smelling the sea air and listening to the crashing waves, or maybe you see yourself gently rocking in a porch swing sipping a cup of mint tea while watching butterflies flutter from flower to flower? In my world lounging on a beach or rocking in the porch swing is called resting.

For me, simple living is, but not necessarily limited to, recognizing the gifts in everyday life by:

-eliminating non-productive busy-ness
-teaching our children where their food comes from by growing/raising/hunting it ourselves
-educating our children in a manner that is consistent with our spirituality/morals/values
-taking time to write a thank you note
-lovingly making/creating handmade gifts
-appreciating the smell of coming rain
-working to be frugal
-being a full-time keeper of my home
-encouraging others
-being thankful for our health, and our provision
-preparing and taking meals with my family daily
-keeping my mind free from clutter that may prevent me from hearing from God
-recognizing and appreciating that more than one pair of shoes or change of clothing, a home and food everyday is abundance
-being in the audience or bleachers when my children are performing or competing
-knowing that I have a savior, Jesus Christ, who has given me a hope and an eternal future

What do the words "Simple Living" mean to you?

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