Thursday, June 5, 2008

Americans & Generosity

Today I read an article by, syndicated columnist, Star Parker about America's generosity to the rest of the world. The numbers are absolutely astonishing. Despite all the negative news media about how much the rest of the world hates America, we are by far the world leader in giving. Here are a few 2006 (the most recently compiled) stats from her article ...

Aid From America to other Countries

Official U.S. Government Contributions 23.5 billion
Private Philanthropy Contributions 34.8 billion (that's 11.3 billion more than our own government!)
Religious Organizations Contributions 8.8 billion
Private Individual to Private Individual Contributions in other countries 62.7 billion

America's 2006 total aid to the rest of the world was 129.8 billion! We are the MOST GENEROUS nation on the planet. We rank #1 in giving.
The United Kingdom ranks #2 at only 20.7 billion - that number includes ALL their government, philanthropic, religious organizations and private individual to private individual added together.

If you'd like to read Ms. Parker's complete article, please click here

Information such as this makes it very difficult for me to belive that our nation is as hated by the rest of the world as our own media protrays.

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