Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Back!!

Several weeks ago, I sustained an injury and was not as mobile as I usually am. Thus, I got behind on several of my more physically demanding chores. This past week, I felt much better and have been healing up so nice that I decided it was time to get caught up on some of the things I had been forced to neglect. Of course, since I was working on other things I did not have the time to keep my blog updated. Well, I am caught up, for now, and back on-line. I've had several things rolling around in my head and I hope my upcoming entries will be a blessing to you.
May God Abundantly Bless You,
Mrs. B


  1. Welcome back TB! I am so happy to hear you are feeling much better. Looking forward to reading more of your wonderfully fresh posts. I always love reading what you have on your mind.


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