Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Home Alone - Day 11

Well, today was it.  My last day at home alone.  Mr.B and the littles should arrive in about 3 hours, therefore, I am preparing my last uninterrupted aroma therapy bath.  I am not sure I will be able to enjoy this bath because Mr.B INSISTS on driving in despite poor road conditions.  OG phoned me from their last rest stop asking me to convince him to get a hotel room because the ice, snow and cars off in the bar ditches have her scared.  As always, when returning from a trip, Mr.B seems to loose all common sense and control of himself and becomes overtaken by some weird force compelling him to get home as fast as possible, regardless of speed limits or travel conditions.  I HATE traveling home with him - I am terrified the entire time we are in the vehicle.  All I can do is pray for a safe arrival home.

I spent a portion of my day preparing for my family's arrival.  All their Christmas gifts are neatly arranged near the hearth.  I also cooked myself a very traditional southern New Year's Day supper of black eyed peas, fried cabbage & cornbread - YUM!  It was excellent.  I wish my family had been here to share it with me.  There are plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

The big boys and I wished each other a Happy New Year via telephone this afternoon.  I was so very happy to hear that AB and BT's Christmas boxes were both finally delivered late yesterday.  Both boys, seemed very happy with their homemade gifts.  All three boys also received their gift from their Aunt C and, as always, were thrilled that she remembered them.

I have sincerely enjoyed the past 11 days of relaxation and reflection.  I think I am now ready to begin a new year.


  1. Are you sure Mr. B and my hubby are not related? I literally climb into the back seat, cover my head and pray, pray, pray. I love my husband but truly dislike traveling with him. I would love to know what type of homemade gifts you did this year. I'm looking for ideas and would love to do the same for my family. Rich Blessings!

  2. Hi Amy,

    LOL! I feel better knowing I'm not the only wife who is married to a scary driver. God is so good to us - my family arrived home SAFELY around 10:30 last night.

    Homemade gifts ... this year I sent 4 quarts homemade spaghetti sauce from veggies grown in our garden, a twin sized Afghan, a frozen Karbach Haus bread pudding, insulated window shades, and a pair of crocheted socks.

    Other years I've made crocheted hat & scarf sets, mittens, socks, Afghans, scrapbooks, pies, cakes, quilts, apron & table cloth sets, pot holders, quilted trivets, cookie & cocoa mix, embroidered dish towels, embroidered pillow cases, homemade bread.
    I am hoping to embark on the art of homemade soaps this year and would love to give that as gifts next Christmas.


  3. That's too funny. I'm hoping to start making my own lotion. It's one of those "i know what I need to do it, just have to get it" type things. I would also love to learn how to make soaps. I enjoy knitting. I've only "mastered" dish clothes. I would love to crochet an afgan.

    I would love to learn just about anything.


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