Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back in the Saddle

They are home .. It's been less than 24 hours, am I already tired?  I am so happy the Lord protected my family and brought them home safely.  The children had so much fun.  I hope to soon go through the photos and find a few to share with you.

 I awoke to what looked like the aftermath of a tornado that had steamrolled through our house.  I already miss the clean and the quiet.  Maybe being home alone for such a length wasn't the best idea?

Unfortunately, I'm the one of those who struggle with clutter, and sometimes noise.  It is very clear that I never think our home is clean enough.  Even while home alone, I thought it could have been much cleaner.  I resisted the urges to clean, clean & clean because I knew taking the opportunity to get much needed rest was more important.

Most of the bags have been unpacked and items put away.  The gifts have been opened and all the wrappings disposed of.  Our home is almost back to a pre-vacation state of tolerance.

My big priority for tomorrow is to get thank you notes written - OG and EJ's favorite task (hee, hee).  This will be their language arts / writing assignment.  I also plan to ease them back into the school routine by assigning a math lesson and indulging in some oral reading.  Even at the ages of 14 & 11 they still like having others read aloud to them.  I LOVE that they have not yet outgrown this activity.

Well, my cocoa cup is empty signaling that it is time for me to drift off to dream land.  I pray you have very sweet dreams tonight.

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  1. Hello Mrs. B.

    I enjoyed reading your day by day posts of your time home alone. I think I'd go stir crazy after 3 days LOL I'm like you...I don't like chaos. Noise is one thing, but chaotic noise....! Clutter is an issue here and about to drive me insane. I wonder how a 10 day, home alone would do for me in getting the clutter monster under control?! I get "too" much help if the kids are here.

    I've enjoyed catching up on some of your reading. I've been lax in my blogging world the past few months. Time to get caught up.

    Have a blessed 2013.


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