Friday, January 4, 2013

Easy Thank You Notes for Kids

EJ's mustache thank you note
I am one of those parents who require her children to send thank you notes.  For young children thank you notes can seem overwhelming.  To help reduce the stress of thank you notes for our children, I came up with a simple postcard format.

I use the Microsoft Publisher program to create the postcards.  We can print 4 postcards per 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of card stock.  On side one of the postcard we like to put a photo (usually a funny one) of the child along with the "thank you" words.  I've also added horizontal lines to the postcard which helps younger children have neat handwriting.  On side two of the post card I type the child's name and return address in the upper left corner (not shown for privacy) and leave the middle section blank where we write in the recipient's address.

Since going to the postcard format, our children seem to be able to endure the task of writing thank you notes.  Since it is less expensive to mail postcards, we also save on postage.

Do you enjoy receiving thank you notes?  Does your family send them?

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