Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Time Stands Still ...

As I walked to the mailbox this morning time seemed to be standing completely still.  For a time the only sound I could hear was the crunch of snow under my feet.  The wind was so still the very air surrounding me seemed frozen.  It was so amazing that everything in my immediate surroundings was completely silent and motionless.  I felt as if I were standing inside a photograph.  Until this morning, this is a sensation that I've only read about in books.  A breath-taking experience.
I remembered to take OG's camera along on my little walk and as I stopped to take a few photos, the lonely sound of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe train whistle came echoing across the prairie - the silence and stillness broken.

Once you leave the blacktop, if you travel far enough down the red dirt road you may see our red mailbox and parcel box.  

If you turn off onto the smaller dirt road toward the hay fields, you'll see our drive to your left.

However, if you continue south you will meet a few of our neighbors.

As I enjoyed my morning walk, I snapped a photo of our frozen stock tank.  Although Sam can trot around on it, I'm not sure the ice is solid enough for people, just yet. Our winter has been unusually warm this year causing the water to thaw and re-freeze several times.

As we walked down the road, toward the tall prairie grasses and away from the trees, Sammy started having quite a bit of fun chasing flocks of pheasants out of the frozen brush.

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  1. goodness it looks lovely but o'h so cold...here it is the last day of summer and this year for us here we have only had 2 days over 30 we usually have no days under 39 Celsius so we are wondering


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