Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"You Bought What? ..."

... "What about that mare you just bought?"
This past weekend Mr.B and the littles went to an auction with the intent of looking for tack - specifically a smaller saddle for the kids.  Not only did he find a saddle, but also picked up an Old Grey Man.  Apparently, Mr.B decided he needed a very mature older horse for the littles' riding lessons.  I was subsequently informed that he would train the mare for heeling and may breed her next spring.

Songbird has already adopted the Old Grey Man as hers.  I warned her not to get too attached to him because Mr.B plans to trade him off once they (the kids) learn to ride well.   Songbird wants to barrel race and team rope and the Old Grey Man is simply too old for those sports.

For the past decade Grandpa has been saying, "That man needs another horse."  It seems Grandpa was right.  Although Mr.B enjoys hunting and fishing,  he finds nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than working with horses.
Why did this man who had enjoyed horses for 40+ years lived without one for the past 12 years?  The simple answer is that life challenges occurred prompting Mr.B to set his most enjoyed activity aside for the benefit of his family.  That's what makes him such a good man ... he puts his family before his own desires and wants.
In John 15:13, Jesus says, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."  Although Jesus was referring to his upcoming crucifixion, this small verse has been my inspiration to be a steady and committed mother and wife for 30 years.  Life is full of challenges, disappointments and, often times, unfulfilled dreams.  However, on the occasions I've found myself bemoaning the things I haven't accomplished or haven't even had an opportunity to try because of my family's needs or desires, this verse reminds me that when I chose to become a mother and a wife, I was choosing to put others' needs before my own wants.  If I'm not selfless enough to do that, then I'm not selfless enough to be a mother and a wife.  A good father was a "must have" on my list for a potential husband.  In my little corner of the world Mr.B, like me, chooses to lay his life aside for his family's needs.   That's one of many characteristics that puts him in the "good father " category ...
... Oh No!  I'm starting to have warm, fuzzy feelings about Mr.B, I have to stop writing now.  I've got too much that I need to get done today.  I don't have time to sit around feeling all warm and fuzzy ...

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