Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday with Speaker of the House ...

Not only did we get some home maintenance / repairs completed during the month of August, as mentioned in my last post, BUT I had a birthday!  How old am I?  Well, I had seriously considered turning 30 this year ... no, I had actually planned on turning 30 this year but my family had different ideas.  Mr.B and the children all wished me another happy 29th.  So, I'm still 29.
I am so abundantly blessed to have truly amazing people in my life.  ALL my children promptly wished me a happy birthday & I even received a beautiful bouquet of daisy's, my favorite flowers.  Since Mr.B was working out of town he took me out for a fine supper a couple days later. 
It was a supper to remember.  Can you believe that we dined with U.S. Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner?  Yes, this simple southern transplanted farm girl had supper with the United States Speaker of the House!  Well, O.K. sort of ... kind of ... not really.  We didn't actually dine WITH him ... He and his entourage were dining at the table next to us.  I could tell you what he ate, their breakfast and dinner plans for the following day but that's sort of gossipy so, I'll refrain.  Surprisingly he looks exactly like he does on T.V. and that voice of his is unmistakable. 
Although I only almost met U.S. Speaker of the House, John Boehner, I have actually met a few famous folks.  In my younger years I waited tables in upscale restaurants and clubs.  I have served John Elway (football star), Kiefer Southerland (actor), Toby Keith (singer / songwriter), Bono (singer / songwriter), Jon Bon Jovi (singer / songwriter), Earvin "Majic" Johnson (basketball star), Leslie Neilsen (actor) and a few others.  Most important lesson I gleaned from these individuals was that when they are in public, they really, really, really, desire to be treated like a regular person.  They don't want throngs of people harassing them for autographs, photos, interviews, etc.  I was always the obscure, unassuming waitress who strived to provide the best service and dining experience I could.  Judging from the tips, I did very well.  While Mr. John Boehner was dining next to us, we chose to remain obscure and allow him and his party to enjoy their supper as we enjoyed ours.
The BEST part of my birthday was my gift from my best friend / sister, Mrs.A.  She blessed me with additional pieces to my collection of 1950's Colonial Homestead dinnerware.  She sent me a covered casserole and 8 additional dessert bowls.  I now have a complete service for 12!  How is it that your best friend always instinctively knows what the PERFECT gift will be, but your own family who lives with you day in and day out is often left in a quandary?
Above, some of the pieces of my Colonial Homestead dinnerware.

 Several of the serving pieces have "God Bless Our Home" on them.  Reminiscent of the days when folks actually embraced the worship of God.
I recently used my new covered casserole to serve chicken & dumplings.  Such yummy southern goodness!
We also enjoyed the dessert bowls filled with blackberry cobbler.  Another southern delight.

Yep, my 29th birthday was a very happy one indeed!


  1. Happy birthday! All your green things are beautiful!

    And what a coincidence, we are almost the same age, wink wink :)

  2. I hopped over here from If you do things, things get done after seeing your intriguing name on the comments. It is crazy seeing these dishes! I have 12 place settings with every serving piece that was made. They belonged to my grandmother and were her pride and joy. Lately I have been seeing a few pieces here and there in antique stores so I am wondering if many were even made. I really don't know a thing abut them except that they belonged to my grandmother.

  3. Hi Lana,

    Thank you for stopping in and visiting my blog.

    I began collecting the 1950's Colonial Homestead Dinnerware by Royal more than 20 years ago when I inherited a few pieces from my mother who had inherited from my grandmother.
    I do not know much about the dinnerware other than it was made by Royal in Ohio during the 1950's. Royal closed its manufacturing doors in the 1980's. It was sold through department stores, mail order catalogues and in some grocers. I do know that my grandmother obtained hers by colleting S&H Green Stamps from her local grocer. The Colonial Homestead pattern was discontinued decades ago, but fortunately it was a popular pattern and good condition used replacement pieces can often be found in re-sale shops, antique stores, ebay, etc.

    I personally love my Colonial Homestead Dinnerware and use it on holidays and special occasions.

    I hope you enjoyed your visit and look forward to hearing from you again.



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