Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 County Fair

For kids who grow up in rural America, the local county fair is the most exciting and important event of the year.  Although Songbird and Farmer Boy reduced the number of events they participated in this year, they were still filled with eager anticipation for the 4-H & open class dog competitions and 4-H market lamb judging.

 Farmer Boy and his youngest hound, Zippy, participated in open class dog obedience.  Zippy is only a year old and Farmer Boy was so proud of how well she did for her young age.

Songbird, again, showed our farm dog, Sam.  As always, Sam was a champion.  Sam is the only boarder collie we've ever had and I must tell you she will not be the last.  Sam has convinced me that boarder collies are the BEST dogs in the world.

Songbird was a second year market lamb participant.  Although she earned a blue ribbon last year, she was on the bottom of the blue ribbon awards at number seven.  This year, she also earned a blue ribbon, BUT moved up the number four spot.  She is very proud of her progression towards the winner's circle.
She also earned Reserve Champion in market lamb showmanship AND round-robin showmanship.

Our family enjoys participating in and supporting the 4-H program.  4-H is not only teaching our children responsibility for their animals and projects, but it is also teaching them personal accountability, business management skills, time management, attention to detail, goal setting, public speaking skills, importance of community, loyalty to family and too many others to list.  Most of the money 4-H kids earn with market animal projects will be used for college, our kids are no exception. 4-H also has tremendous college scholarship opportunities.  There are oodles of young folks who would have never had the financial means for a college education if it weren't for participation in the 4-H program. If you ever find yourself looking for a worth while cause to support with your time, talents or finances, please consider contacting your local extension agent about 4-H.

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