Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Harvest Time ... The Last Big Push Before Winter's Rest

Despite unusually cool summer weather and an early frost and snow, which caused me to loose my melons and bring all the green tomatoes into the basement for ripening, our harvest has been better than expected.
After processing for storage, this huge pile of onions turned into ...

 ... 60 cups green onion tops for the freezer and 143 pounds for basement storage.

Cartloads of corn became ...
... 43 quarts canned corn & 28 quarts frozen corn.
And let's not forget the herbs.  Transplanting them from the garden into containers will provide added flavor to our meals throughout our long winter.

I'm taking a short break from canning and food preservation, but will push on to the beets, potatoes and carrots this coming weekend.  Since they are root veggies and hidden inside the warm earth, they will patiently wait a few more days.

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