Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Shopping Strategy

We've moved to the country - really, really far into the country.  We are so far out that I mentioned in a previous post that the only access to the internet is via satellite.  Have I also mentioned that we must travel 60 miles one-way across the state line to access the closest Wal-Mart or McDonald's?  I am certainly NOT complaining - we moved out here on purpose - we WANTED to live really, really far out in the country.

We experienced our 1st snow of the season this past weekend and within the next few weeks we will begin accumulating mountains of it.  Being a southern girl I am not accustom to driving in snowy, icy conditions.  I think it's best, and something I'm sure the locals will appreciate, I avoid the highways and byways when the weather conditions warrant a more experienced driver. 

Needing to prepare for the months that driving 100 miles round trip to the grocer will not be feasible and desiring to keep our grocery budget as low as possible, I've started utilizing a new shopping strategy.  I've made up a projected 6 month grocery supply list.   (By the way, this list is really long - it includes everything from snacks to personal care products).   When the sale papers arrive on Friday, I compare ALL the sale items to see which grocer has the best prices for any of the items on my master list.  I then plan out which and how many items I will purchase from each store and purchase ONLY sale items (I do not pay full price for anything).  Did I mention that the stores are across the street from each other - how convenient is that?   I also carry my sales papers with me into the store to ensure that I purchase the exact item that's on sale.  (I hate getting to the register and discovering that the "flavor" I selected was not the "flavor" that was advertised.)  Once I've purchased the needed amount of any item from my master 6 month supply list, I do not purchase additional amounts of those products - no matter how low the current sales price.  I must remember to stay within a budget and we can't eat an extra 6 bottles of shampoo, regardless of how cheap it may be this week.

Items are being marked off my list and our shelves are filling up.  I hope that by the time the mountains of snow begin to arrive within the next few weeks, I will be ready to park my car in the garage and venture out only on Sundays for church.

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  1. Goodmorning... I live away from a big town too but not nearly so far as you, I do though if something is a really good special buy several probably 3 of it and that means sometimes it is months before I have to purchase that item,mostly the washing liquid and cleaning agents, and they last forever lol seems that you have it all organised.


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