Monday, April 20, 2009

Retail Industry Pay Increases?

This evening I popped in on Mrs. Kay over at The Rustic Cottage ( and found the following link to an article about Hobby Lobby increasing it's full-time employee's pay. This is such a refreshing news in today's economy. As Mrs. Kay mentioned, doing business God's way REALLY pays off. Link to article:


  1. I can't see any of the text with your post, but got a preview of it on my blog updates. I read about Hobby Lobby giving their employees pay increases last week from another site. I am not an expert on the business as a whole, but from what I have seen and heard (a Merry Christmas spot in a newspaper that was about the real Reason for the season, they play instrumental hymns and praise music when I am visiting-I am pretty sure they don't do it just for me,lol) this is a Christian business. I told my husband it was for reasons like that, that I don't mind paying a little more money for some things there. Way to go, Hobby Lobby!

  2. *LOLOL* Doofus me...I see the text now, lol!

  3. My mom worked for Hobby Lobby corporate offices for several years and they truly are a fantastic bunch of people. The founder/owner is in church every Sunday and gives generously to missions every year. I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!!!

  4. That certainly is heartwarming to read about.

  5. Hi Mrs. B.!
    Just came across your comment on my blog. Delighted you said hi.
    Thank you for stopping by.
    Plez visit again.
    Hobby Lobby is one place I enjoy shopping.
    God bless ya,

  6. Hi Deanna,

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will get a chance to stop in again.



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