Monday, April 27, 2009

Accidental Home Educator, Continued

Living History (historical reenactments)
When Texas declared it independence from Mexico, Texas and Mexico entered into war for Texas' independence. Being severely outnumbered, the Texans had lost all the important battles for it's independence, most notably the battles at Goliad and the Alamo. After these two battles, in particular, General Santa broke the gentleman's rules of engagement and slaughtered the Texan soldiers. Only a handful escaped his brutal executions. In the weeks that followed, General Santa Anna had pushed the Texan army and settlers into south east Texas. The Texans were cornered at San Jacinto. Texas' General Sam Houston and his army knew the battle they were about to enter was "do or die". Texas' independence hinged on victory or defeat in this battle. Fortunately, for the Texans, the victory's at Goliad and the Alamo fed General Santa Anna and his army's arrogance. This arrogance led way to carelessness. Texas' General Sam Houston saw an opportunity to overtake the Mexican army by surprise - during their afternoon siesta. General Sam Houston had decided to use General Santa Anna's own tactics against him - the Mexican army had attacked the Texans numerous times during the night, the most famous of these battles was the Alamo. Shouting, "Remember Goliad, Remember the Alamo!" Texas soldiers came over a rise and descended upon General Santa Anna and his men who were enjoying siesta and completely unprepared for the attack. Although greatly outnumbered, in only 18 minutes the Texans won the battle at San Jacinto and General Santa Anna was captured. Texas had won it's freedom from Mexico.

Battle of San Jacinto Reenactment - General Santa Anna and Mexican soldiers

Texas settler with oxen and cart.

Texas settlers camp as they were pushed, by the Mexican army, east toward Louisiana.

Texas settlers cooking potatoes over hot coals.

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