Monday, April 13, 2009

The Big Reveal ...

Our bathroom remodel was completed by last Wednesday. However, we had so much going on last week I didn't get a chance to post photos of my new room! I don't have any pictures of the old, but trust me when I say it was B A D ! It was worse than the before photos of my kitchen ( ). When I moved into this home 13 years ago, to say it was a "fixer upper" is an exaggeration. But, we've somehow made it work AND the Lord has seen fit to bless us with the resources to make much needed and appreciated improvements during the past couple years. New wainscoting, light fixture, vanity, faucet, & towel ring. Our new sink base and vanity are only 12 inches deep and 36 inches wide. Our old sink base and vanity was 23 inches deep and 48 inches wide (the space is 49 inches and there was this weird 1 inch gap on the left side). The old caused one to be REALLY cramped between the toilet and the sink. It was so cramped we couldn't fully open the old sink base doors as the toilet blocked them. Now, we can comfortably fit between the two and can also open the sink base doors and drawers. It's wonderful!

We have a new rod iron and wicker drawer unit for extra storage. I LOVE our new curved "hotel style" curtain rod. Aren't our new shower curtain and window shade lovely? Our old was made of white cotton and lace. It was nice, but after 15 years (had it in our rented townhouse before moving to this home), it was time for an update.
We have so much room between the toilet and the sink we even have room for the tp holder and trash can!
Although I was pretty angry about EJ flooding the bathroom, in hindsight I see it as a blessing. Thank you EJ!
(I apologize that my photos are crooked, for some reason I just couldn't hold the camera stright.)


  1. Love it!! You certainly seem to have a knack for remodeling, dear friend! :)

  2. Oh wow! That is so pretty. I don't know how I missed this post. What a great job!


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