Monday, April 27, 2009

Accidental Home Educator, Continued

Amimal Husbandry - The Hen House (science and active living history) Anyone who has livestock knows that keeping their housing clean is an important aspect of maintaining healthy animals and food products. This is a task we perform on a regular basis.
Last week, EJ eagerly helped me clean the hen house. He removed the soiled hay from the lower nesting boxes and helped me rake and shovel it into our wheelbarrow, which was then dumped into the compost bins. After a couple months of rain and turning, this animal bedding and waste will become excellent fertilizer for our garden.

One of our Henny Penny's calling her roommates to come see the clean fresh hay.

EJ was a big helper and I think he performed an outstanding job filling the nesting boxes with fresh hay. OG cleaned out the feeders and filled them with fresh feed.

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