Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Sewing Lesson

Mr. B phoned this afternoon and asked, "What have you been doing this weekend?" Well, most of you know that I don't ever have trouble finding something to do ... it's finding nothing to do that I wish I could find more of.

To Mr. B's silly question I responded, "Friday I spent the afternoon sewing and in the evening I drove EJ to baseball practice. Yesterday morning I drove EJ to a baseball game and yesterday afternoon, evening and today after church I, again, spent my time at the sewing machine."

While I was working on my projects, OG decided she wanted to make a little stuffed pig. She recently hand stitched a little stuffed bear but today ... today was special. She was allowed to use my sewing machine for the FIRST time! She was so excited and thrilled. I am very proud of how well she took instruction and even more proud of how well her first machine projects turned out. (yes, I said projects, with an "s", because after she finished the pig she also made a duck). These sewing projects count toward her home school classes for "life skills", or what was referred to as "home economics" when I was in school.
Here's the photos!OG completely focused and really concerned that the needle is going to go right through one of her little fingers!
Trimming the rounded edges for a smooth seam.

Stuffing the pink pig ... "Since it's a baby gift I need to make it real soft".

Hand stitching the stuffing hole closed.

Finished projects: OG's proudly displaying her little pink pig and yellow duck. I finished two crib sized summer quilts (my dear friend Mr. M and his wife are expecting TWINS!), two tee-shirt dresses (OG LOVES, LOVES, LOVES these comfy little dresses - she's wearing one and the other is hanging on the line), and a new skirt (also hanging on the line) for OG.


  1. How cute those are! They will make wonderful baby gifts, I wish those "life skills" had been fostered and nurtured when I was that young!

  2. You have been busy! I would love to see the t-shirt dress up close. I want to make some for my daughter this summer. Sewing isn't my strong suit so I'm not sure what and how to do the dress. Any tips??

  3. Hi Ginger,

    The next time I make another tee-shirt dress, I'll post step by step instructions with photos.

    They are SOOOO simple, even a novice can make them.

    Mrs. B

  4. I will be watching and waiting...

  5. What a great post. Sewing can be so fun! Ya'll certainly do some great work.

  6. ESML ... thank you for the lovely compliment.

    Mrs. B

  7. She is so "Just like her Mamma!" I Love you OG and I am so proud of all that you are accomplishing. You make your Aunt C smile BIG!

  8. OMG! She is so tiny in this post. So much has changed! Oh how I miss you guys! I miss seeing the "littles" grow up.

    I love y'all so much!
    Mrs. A


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