Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Garden is Beginning to Produce!!!

Baby yellow squash! - We have 5 plants
Baby bell pepper! - We have 6 plants
Green tomatoes! - We have 6 plants
We also planted basil this year!
Leaf lettuce! - We planted a 6'x5' bed

Our family absolutely LOVES fresh produce from the garden. No matter how many years I've been gardening, I always get very excited everytime I see new baby vegetables or fruits. We also have baby cucumbers and our pear and figs trees are LOADED with baby pears and figs. Our two 3 year old peach trees have a few tiny, fuzzy peaches - I look forward to the year our peach trees really begin producing. If I were asked to describe what summer tastes like to me, I'd have to reply, "a tree ripened, sun warmed, juicy peach - mmmm good!"


  1. Oh I just love your garden! I know you are certainly going to have some yummy ways to prepare your harvest.

    Your blog is so precious. I love it! Got you bookmarked!

    Have a blessed day!!


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