Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy Work Day

I usually try to schedule our time so that we do not have to work on Saturday. Sunday is our Sabbath and therefore, aside from feeding the animals, we never work on Sundays. However, we had so many things come up this past week, we weren't able to avoid doing yard work today. Our yard maintenance is JP's responsibility. Today I decided to reward his consistently obedient and helpful attitude by mowing the grass while he did the edging. With us working together as a team we finished up in about 4 hours. This afforded us enough time reconfigure our outside walkway to the front door, something I've been contemplating for a while. It looks SOOOO much better and I am sure my husband will be very pleased with the results when he gets home - I know I am happy with the results. Now, umm about the back porch .....
Yesterday, EJ asked if we could play a game of kickball today. I told him we would and purposed in my mind to find the time to play outside with the children. When our yard work was completed and after a glass of cold water, we set up the bases (a couple 5 gal. bucket lids) and played for almost an hour. OG commented on how much fun it was to play kickball with mom. EJ, of course, didn't want to stop - he never does. Because I have a tendency to work, work, work, I am pleased that I took some time out for play.

Well, I must now sign off so I can get some supper on the table ...

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