Monday, May 19, 2008

A Crib Sized Patchworked Summer Quilt

Quilting is a task I truly enjoy. But, for many years I haven't had as much time to perfect the skill as I'd like to have. Just last week I completed a crib sized patchworked summer quilt. In my neck of the woods (zone 9) a summer quilt does not refer to the color scheme or pattern, it refers to the absence of batting. Now, I know there are many very fine professional quality quilters out there who would be appalled that anyone would even consider making a quilt without batting. Those same quilters most likely live in a much cooler climate than I. If they don't, they probably use air conditioning. You see, I grew up in zone 9 in a home that didn't have air conditioning. (Now that I'm an adult, I don't like it, but will use it VERY sparingly on the hottest of days). Thus, our family made summer quilts for use during the spring, summer and autumn. We made traditional quilts, ones with batting, for use in the winter.
I've yet to meet the person I will bless with this little quilt, but I am sure a lovely expectant mother will come along soon. With our temperatures quickly approaching the mid to high 90's with 80%+ humidity, I am sure this light weight version of an old favorite will be preferred during hot summer months.
Update: I recently found a new arrival for this baby quilt. I hope he enjoys it.

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  1. How pretty! I love quilts and I agree with I too am in Zone 9...light weight quilts and throws are the best for our wonderfully humid, sweltering summers.


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