Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Election 2016: The Christian's Dilemma ...

Laura Lane,  over at Harvest Lane Cottage, has posted a very sobering letter written by Dutch Sheets to the American Christian church regarding Christian's election choices in our upcoming 2016 Presidential election.  Although the letter is a tad bit lengthy it is most defiantly worth the read. 

I hope you will take a 5 minute break, pour yourself a cup of hot tea and read, "Election 2016: The Christian's Dilemma - A Message From Dutch Sheets About The Election And America's Future ".

My Bible study group is meeting on Friday's and we are taking a specific amount of time to pray for our nation.   I have personally committed to fasting on Fridays for this election and the future of our nation and the Christian church.  Will you consider joining me in prayer and fasting for our nation?

Finally, I pray you will do everything within your power to get out and VOTE on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  If you know, or suspect, beforehand that you will not be able to VOTE on November 8th, please contact your local county clerk regarding early voting. ( I am proud to report that our Mr.B is unsure of his work schedule the week of Nov. 8th and consequently casted his early vote yesterday.)


  1. Scary times. Can't see how any follower for Christ can vote for either candidates. Thankful I am Canadian.

    1. Yes, Teresa, I too have often found myself pondering the same.
      After much prayer, I have concluded that the most important issue facing these United States are the upcoming Supreme Court Justice nominees.
      Right now, there is a war against the common U.S. Citizen, perpetuated by the "established" political class. For the common U.S. Citizen, the U.S. Bill of Rights (1st ten Constitutional Amendments) is the best weapon of defense against an intrusive and tyrannical government. The Bill of Rights are the foundational amendments of our U.S. Constitution.
      Currently, the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments to the U.S. Constitution are under severe attack by the "established" political class. If any single amendment within our Bill of Rights becomes altered or eliminated, EVERY U.S. Citizen looses. No one, outside the political class, will be protected from an intrusive tyrannical government. All common citizens will eventually loose their rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
      Without the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments, we, the common peoples of these United States WILL loose the following freedoms and protections: (1st amend) We will no longer have the freedom to exercise the establishment of and practice of, or refrain from, any religion of our choosing. We will no longer have the freedom of peaceful assembly, religious or secular. We will no longer enjoy the freedom of speech, religious or secular, opinionated or factual, complimentary or offensive, or investigative journalism. We will no longer enjoy the right and freedom to petition our government representatives with our grievances or suggestions. We could even loose our right to vote. (2nd amend) We will no longer have the freedom to defend ourselves, family or property from criminals or an intrusive tyrannical government. (In addition, I live in rural Montana. The average time lapse between a 911 call and emergency services reaching my home is approximately 26 MINUTES. Many rural Montanans also contend with aggressive mountain lions, brown, black & grizzly bears and packs of wolves. (4th amend) We will no longer have the legal right to refuse law enforcement access to our person, property, papers, and personal effects without probable cause via a search warrant issued by a judge. (5th amend) We will loose our right to refuse to be a witness against ourselves (invoking the 5th amendment). We will loose our rights to a hearing before a Grand Jury. We will loose our rights to be justly compensated for the seizure of private property taken for public use.
      The loss of any one of our 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights amendments, will invalidate our entire U.S. Constitution. Although our nation is currently suffering a tremendous amount of division over social issues, the reality remains that if our Constitution and Bill of Rights is impeded, EVERY American outside the political class looses.
      Yes, I wish our nation had upstanding Presidential candidates to choose from. As a Christian, I wish their actions aligned with the Christian faith outlined within the Holy Bible. But that is not where we are as a nation. Our next president will nominate a minimum of 2 Supreme Court Justices and up to as many as 5. Therefore, I will be casting my vote based upon each candidate's position regarding Supreme Court nominees. From the view out my window, this is the one issue the common U.S. voter can NOT get wrong.

      Blessings to you and Canada,


    2. Mrs. B, This is excellent! You've articulated this clearly and with conviction, and you've shown how imperative it is to protect our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. I would love it if you put this in a blog post that I could reference on my blog so that my readers would see it.

      Thanks for the referrals, too. I've already seen some increase in that post's popularity.

      Be blessed and encouraged, and let me know if you decide to make this a post that I can promote... just in case I don't see it. I'm going to be helping with the campaign and election over the next few days on and off.

    3. Hi Laura,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am not sure if I will write a blog post. As of right now I am really focusing on prayer and fasting for our nation and, recently, a desperate urge for the Christian church's role in this election and the next federal administration. If I decide to write a post I will contact you. Thank you for the encouragement.


  2. Hi Mrs. B,

    I have no idea how I missed this wonderful post of your's. I am glad that the election is now over but I fear the fight for upholding our constitution is going to be an ongoing battle given all the protests and Soros' plans to try to make sure that Trump never gets to take his place as our next president. I'm praying hard for our nation and for people to figure out that there is a puppet master behind the scenes pulling all the strings and causing division in our country.

    I hope all is well with you my friend and that life just is busy for you. I miss reading your posts. Be blessed!

  3. Hello Mrs. Debbie,

    Yes, I've been very busy ... my teenagers seem to have endless energy and for some reason, unknown to me, they think I have even more energy than them - ha! ha!
    I continue to pray for our nation and the upcoming Supreme Court nominees. I agree with your comment regarding the "puppet master". I pray our Lord will open the eyes and ears of the U.S. citizens to see and hear the truth.

    Blessings to you and yours,


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