Sunday, October 16, 2016

Do You Know Who's Running for President?

I was recently surprised by an individual who sincerely thought there are only two political parties in the United States.  They did not believe me when I shared the following list of 2016 Presidential Candidates and their party affiliation - and my list is not exhaustive.  Yes, with further research I am sure you could find more candidates and / or political parties.

Note:  I have listed the parties in alphabetical order and the individual independent candidates in alphabetical order.  I have not included any Vice Presidential Candidates in this list.

Constitution Party:
Darrell Castle

Constitutionalist Party:
James "JD" Criveau

Democrat Party:
Hillary Clinton

Green Party:
Jill Stein

Libertarian Party:
Gary Johnson

Reform Party:
Ken Cross

Republican Party:
Donald Trump

Trans-humanist Party:
Zoltan Istvan

Veterans Party of America:
Chris Keniston

Independent Candidates:
Ed Baker, Management & Market Research
Michael Bloomberg, Businessman, philanthropist, former mayor of New York City
David Boarman, Software Engineer
Brian Briggs, Music Lover
Paul Chehade, Businessman & Human Rights Activist
Robert Dionisio, Businessman
Art Drew, Veteran & Electrical Servicing Business Owner
David Holcomb, Christian & 2012 Presidential Candidate
John Fitzgeral Johnson, The Real Grandmaster Jay
Lynn Sandra Kahn, Executive Consultant
Bishop Julian Lewis, Jr., Bishop & God Frist Man of Faith
Even McMullin, Former CIA Operative, Businessman, House Chief Policy Director
James C. Mitchell, Jr., Retired Water Treatment Operator
Perry Morcom, Middle-class Working Person
Mark Pendleton, Educator & Man of Faith
Jeremiah Pent, Entrepreneur
Scott Smith, Wall Street Finance Expert & Serial Entrepreneur
Samm Tittle, Citizen, Entrepreneur, Advocate for Equal Treatment for All
Benjamin Weigel, Bus Driver
Terry W. Wheelock, Veteran & Former Gymnast


  1. Wow, I had no idea there were that many people running for president! I knew of about 4 of them and that is it.

    1. Yes, Debbie, it takes some research to find out who is actually on the ballot each election cycle because the mainstream media(radio, television and print) only report on the top candidates and / or parties based upon polling percentages.


  2. I personally believe that if we do not vote for the Democrat or the Republican, we will be throwing our vote away. While I do not like either candidate, I do want to support the one who is willing to uphold the Constitution and appoint Supreme Court judges who will support the Constitution as written not as they wish it to be.

    God bless you friend!

    1. Hi Laura,

      This election cycle I am a "single issue" voter. My single issue: Supreme Court nominees.
      I mentioned in my previous post that if the Bill of Rights (1st 10 constitutional amendments) is not upheld as originally intended by our Founding Fathers, our nation will, very quickly, cease to be a Democratic Republic and EVERY citizen will, I believe within one generation, find themselves living under a tyrannical governing system.



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