Thursday, October 13, 2016

2016 Election Cycle ...

... Yes, I'm going there ...

It may be hard for some to believe, but when I was young, I was a very beautiful girl.  I say girl, but in all reality I was a young twenty something woman.  My physical beauty opened a door that allowed me a glimpse into a world of wealth, power and fame that average citizens never see.  For nearly three years in my early twenties, I worked as a waitress for a high end, somewhat exclusive, establishment.  In my role as a waitress, I frequently served actors/actresses, professional athletes, musicians, politicians, and multi-millionaires.  My employer required the staff to sign confidentially agreements and we were never to appear "star struck" in the presence of any guest or while on company property.

The sad reality of this demographic is that many, not all, but many, are not the same people their adoring fans, their press agents, or the propaganda filled media would have all of us to believe they are.  They are very wealthy, very powerful and genuinely believe they are above "regular" folks like me.  They do anything they want to do, whenever they want to do it.  They indulge in anything they want to indulge in.  They buy anything they want to buy - including people.  They lie and embellish without anyone questioning their inaccuracies.  They have press agents to cover up their faults and security to intervene if, or when, their behavior gets out of line.  They are surrounded by entourages of people who never tell them "No".   Poor manners and rude behaviors are, most often, overlooked because of their fame, fortune and/or power.  All too often, it is mutually understood that the very large financial tips bestowed upon their "servants" is, in all reality, "hush" money. 

Because of my personal past experiences with many famous, wealthy, and powerful individuals I am not shocked or surprised by the negative media reports produced about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Based upon my personal experiences, these types of behaviors reported by the media are, unfortunately, "normal", within this particular demographic.  At the same time, I am not impressed by any positive media reports of either Presidential candidate.  I, personally, do not believe either candidate is a worthy representation of the United States citizen.

Since I do not find either candidate to be a worthy representation, and the third party candidates do not have any sort of chance in being elected, how will I ever choose for whom I shall cast my vote?  I am all to familiar with the negative behaviors of wealthy, famous and powerful people, thus, I will not allow the media's propaganda of either candidate's appalling character, regardless of what sort of "proof" they have, to influence my decision.  All this propaganda is a ploy to get the U.S. citizen to cast a vote based upon an emotional reaction; not a carefully measured and thought out decision.

I will not allow the media to emotionally manipulate me into voting for, or against, any specific candidate.  I shall only cast a vote based upon specific issues facing our nation.  Issues such as Supreme Court Justice nominees, protection of our Bill of Rights, the economy, tax burdens, our health care system, child care and education, job availability, the national rise in poverty, safety and security of U.S. citizens, etc.  The only criteria I can base my vote upon is the platform which most closely aligns with my personal convictions.  To cast a vote for any governing representative based upon emotion is, in my opinion, very foolish.  (By the way, voting for any governing representative based upon their age, race, gender, religion, etc. is an act of bigotry and the simplest form of emotional manipulation.)

I hope others will follow my lead and stay focused on specific issues during this election cycle.  I hope they will not allow the candidates and our propaganda filled media to emotionally sway them one way or the other.  As a nation, we must sort the propaganda from the issues and  return to making decisions based upon logic, not feelings.

DISCLAIMER: 1.)  I have never met, nor served, any of the 2016 presidential candidates.  2.) There are some wealthy, powerful and famous people who are very humble, kind and polite.  As a matter of fact, one of the most kind and polite customers I have EVER served, regardless of life station,  happened to be a very famous professional athlete.


  1. Thank you Mrs B. for your courageous post! I stand in agreement with you.

    1. Thank you, Jo.
      As election cycles (local, state and federal) have come and gone throughout my adult life, I've noticed that the candidates have become more and more adept at appealing to the emotions of prospective voters. Very few place policy issues at the forefront of their candidacy. The media in turn, spends the majority of it's time promoting any emotionally charged comment or situation to the general public. It seems most of the voters I personally encounter are (and have been for at least the past 20 years) discussing and in turn basing their choice upon an emotional response to all the propaganda.
      I am very concerned for our nation. I believe this election cycle is the most important our nation has faced in my lifetime. During this election cycle, more than any other, I think it is imperative for voters' decisions to be based upon conviction regarding a candidate's ideology and vision for our nation - not emotional manipulation.

      God Bless you,


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