Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Like many families, each year as we sit around the Thanksgiving table enjoying an excessively large feast, we take turns stating what we have been most grateful for during the past year.  Most often our statements are about expressing gratitude for our family and our excellent health.  Although these are the most heartfelt, I sometime feel they are cliche when I state them.

However, this year was different.  We didn't have Thanksgiving at home.  Instead we accepted an invitation to join my former babysitting charge, ET's, family.  Although this young couple, Mr. & Mrs. D are younger than our eldest son, they have taken a sincere interest in our family.  I believe they genuinely respect and like us.  Mrs.D's parents and younger brother were also invited and they are as wonderful as their daughter and son-in-law.  Our family always has the most wonderful time visiting with these amazingly, fabulous people.

A few days before Thanksgiving, I received an e-mail from another young lady, Mrs.T, also young enough to be my daughter.  Her e-mail was one that touched my heart and brought me an abundance of blessing by her kind words of sincere respect for me.  I am honored that I have earned a place of trust in her life that allows her the comfort and confidence to seek advice from me. a cheerleader when she needs one, or even an occasional shoulder to cry on.

Finally only a few short days before that, I was visiting with my sister friend, Mrs.A, via telephone.  She was sharing about an adventure she recently had with a new friend and how much she likes this person and is enjoying the new friendship.  All this, of course, lead us to discuss our special relationship.  We started out as friends, then moved on to great friends, next came best friends which evolved into sister friends.  However, we have now discovered that our bond goes beyond sister friends.  We could only describe it as the type of bond that we would imagine identical twins having.  I am beyond blessed to have another person this side of heaven care for me they way Mrs.A does and I for her.  It is a blessing that Mrs.A and I have become so secure in our relationship with each other that we can now develop and have close friendships with others without any insecurities invading our sisterhood.

I am an odd and different sort of person.  Although I am friendly, polite and try to be helpful, my insecurities often keep me from making friends easily.  When we moved away from east Texas to this vast prairie and very different culture, I was't sure I'd have any friends here.  A part of me thought I may never see my friends face to face again, unless I made a trip down home, which is difficult, at best, when one lives on a fully functional homestead.  Needless to say, this Thanksgiving I am still excessively grateful for my family and abundant health.  But I am also very aware of the deep gratitude I have for the friendships God has placed in my life.  I sincerely pray all my friends, both old and new, know how very grateful I am to have them in my life.

Praying your Thanksgiving was as blessed and pleasant as ours.  Blessings to you and yours.


  1. Godly friends are a treasure and the older I get the more I appreciate those friendships. I pray the Lord will bring sweet new friendships into this season of your life.

  2. Hello Georgene,

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope your Thanksgiving celebration was wonderful.


  3. OMG!! I am in tears! You are such an amazing person and I am so blessed to call you my "Twin". I have been thinking of you all day and when I checked your blog today, I see this! I know you are thinking of me as well. I just know it!!

    I love you to the moon and beyond! I pray your day has been a great one.

    With all my love,
    Mrs. A

    1. My Dearest Twin, Mrs.A

      Yes! of course I was thinking of you when you were thinking of me. We are special that way. Isn't it one of the most SPECTACULAR blessings God has bestowed upon us?

      Love you more,

  4. Dear Mrs. B,
    I loved this post! It is so special when we can come alongside and encourage others and also be encouraged and share that close bond with someone else. I am blessed to have 2 such friends in my life, one that lives next door to me and one that lives far away but is always close in my heart. In the Hawaiian culture, we have a tradition of hanai, which means adopted by love. These two women are my hanai sisters and I know that God placed us in each others lives. What a wonderful gift they are to me!


    1. Hello Debbie,

      You are indeed blessed to have two such wonderful hanai sisters!

      May God continue to bless you abundantly,



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