Sunday, November 15, 2015

A New Do

You know you are aging, and not gracefully, when strangers regularly mistake you for your 70 year old father's wife.  This began happening about six years ago.  So, despite years of objections from Mr.B, I recently chose to wash the gray out of my hair and get a new cut and style.  Mr.B has told me I look nice with my new "do".  Most of all, I no longer think I look old enough to be my father's wife.  From now on if anyone mistakes me for my dad's wife, I'll have to politely suggest they visit an optometrist.


  1. You are very pretty! I also wash away the gray in my hair because my husband prefers me to. Men are funny, aren't they?

  2. You are so beautiful! INSIDE AND OUT!

  3. Mrs.A - My sweet, sweet sister,

    I am not a beautiful as you, but I do appreciate your lovely compliments.


  4. What a beautiful Mother in Love I have !!!

    1. My Sweet, Sweet Daughter-in-Love,

      Thank you for such kind words. You are the beautiful one.

      I love you to the moon & back,

      Mamma T


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