Saturday, April 26, 2014

Anniversaries, Quilts & Farm Girls

Whew! A lot has been happening around the B's house.  Although Musician and our future Daughter-in-Love have returned to the Southeast, our busy season is just beginning. 

Mr.B and I celebrated another anniversary.  This year he was so thoughtful.  He is currently working on a project 3 1/2 hours away from home but still found away to pick me up and drive another 65 miles, one-way, into the city for a special supper.  I didn't even know a restaurant as nice as that one existed up here on the northern prairie.  It employed a real chef (not a cook), had linen table cloths & napkins, crystal water glasses, real china, candle light and soft soothing jazz playing quietly in the background. The service was first class and the food was delicious - better than what I cook at home!  For a short hour I felt like I had been transported to an upscale Houston restaurant.  It was such a special treat.

The Women's Ministry is working on quilts for our high school graduates.  Most of the work I've done has been on this brown and purple one.  The top is finished and I currently have it on a quilt stretcher.  Our group will begin the quilting process next week.

Don't you think farm girls are the prettiest girls?  I certainly do!  For the third year, Songbird attended the annual Daughter of the King banquet.  Although she can throw a feed sack, wrestle livestock and plant & plow with the best of them, she also possesses a grace and beauty that rivals any leisured city girl.  (btw, as beautiful as he thinks his little girl is, Mr.B says I'm biased.  However, I beg to differ ... I am not biased).

What's been happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. Your daughter is beautiful and I really liked the quilt. You've been busy! :-)

  2. Hi Georgene,

    Thank you for the lovely comment about our little girl.

    Our church's WM's is working on 2 quilts, the purple & brown one pictured and an all blue sashed pinwheel pattern - our graduate's favorite colors.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! May the Lord continue to bless your marriage and your life. :)


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