Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Warm Homecoming

Yes, I've been away a while.  Not only does the arrival of spring usher in our busy season, but our Musician came home for a long, overdue visit and brought his intended along to meet the family.  We had a wonderful week long visit.  We were so glad to finally meet the young lady who brings so much joy and contentment to our oldest son.

This was the Intended's first trip out west.  Our closest airport is nearly 70 miles across the state line so, upon re-entering Montana we had to stop for a photo.

Farmer Boy and Songbird LOVED, LOVED, LOVED having their oldest sibling and his Intended home.  As you can see in the photo, I caught them making bracelets and building robots together.

Our Musician brought his violin and joined Songbird and Farmer Boy in ministering "Come Thou Fount" for our church family.  I can't express how comforting it was to hear the beautiful, sweet sounds of the violin drifting through our home while our Musician was home.

Saying a good-bye to our Musician and his intended was emotional.  However, I somehow kept my composure and refrained from crying until after we left the airport parking lot and they were warm and comfortable inside.

On the plane ride home, Musician formally proposed to his Intended.  Even after meeting his "not so normal" family, she said, "YES"!  I am so pleased to now refer to her as my future Daughter-in-Love.  We will be magnificently blessed to have this beautiful young lady join our family.

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