Friday, February 14, 2014

Did Ya Miss Me?

The past couple weeks have been a fun, busy and exciting time in the B household.  Our JP took a two week leave to spend time with the family and help Mr.B install TWO sump pumps in our basement.
When we purchased our home the previous owner had just finished installing a sump pump in the center of the basement.  This considerably helped reduce the spring time basement moisture.  However, last spring was exceptionally wet and we found water entering the northeast and the southwest corners of our basement.  The sump pump located in the center of the basement is simply too far away from these other two areas.  Thanks to JP's help and hard work we now have two additional sump pumps and are expecting a dryer basement this spring.  This "do-it-yourself" project really is a two person job and JP's help saved us nearly $2,000.

northeast sump pump.
JP after a long day's work in the basement.  He'll need a shave and haircut prior to reporting for duty.
During his visit JP spent most of his spare time playing cribbage, checkers, and monopoly with EJ and OG.  One afternoon I walked into the front room and found our little babysitting charge, ET, sitting on EJ's lap during a game of cribbage.  Boy OH Boy did I reminisce!  You see, EJ is 11 yr. 9 mo. older than ET.  Our JP is 11 yr. 8 mo. older than his little brother EJ and when EJ was little, I'd constantly find him in JP's lap ... just like this photo, below, of EJ & ET.
"Memories, light the corners of my mind ... Silly water colored memories ... of the way we were ".
Every since JP left home for service in the U.S. Navy, we have not had the joy of celebrating his birthday with him.  During this visit, I decided an early birthday celebration was necessary.  I thought I would LOVE baking him a German chocolate b-day cake and preparing a special b-day supper of baked ziti, salad and garlic bread sticks.  Actually, I was enjoying myself until he said, "Mmm, that smells good, mom.  I haven't had baked ziti since last summer when I was in Rome."  I'm Irish / German, need I say more?
Didn't have 24 candles but JP didn't seem to mind.
My favorite quotes from JP's visit:

"... No, I actually like my family."  Was said to a friend via the telephone when asked if he was yet bored with installing sump pumps and hanging out around the house with only his family.


"... I've attended pubic school and I've been home schooled.  Trust me, there is nothing normal about public education."  Was JP's response to EJ commenting on how he sometimes wishes he was normal and attended public school.  (JP's primary education = public school: grades K - 7 / home school: grades 8 - 12).

 JP is always kind and generous with his family.  As usual, he left a smile upon my heart and I began missing him before he left.


  1. "Her children arise and call her blessed" Prov 31:28 - :)

  2. Hello Tegan,

    I was just now reviewing some of my older posts and re-read your comment.
    Feeling a little discouraged, I can not tell you what a blessing this is to me today.
    Thank you for sharing with me.



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