Monday, January 27, 2014

Projects Done ... Well, Almost

In my recent Out With the Old and In With the New post I mentioned that I had not finished all the projects I had on my "to do" list during our Christmas break.  While ET, my babysitting charge,  was vacationing out of town at his grandparents and this past weekend I completed my project "to do" list.  What did I accomplish?

You've already see this photo, but I'll tell you about it anyway.  During ET's vacation I spent 3 1/2 days emptying the pantry, adding three additional shelving units, restocking and re-organizing all our winter food stores and Christmas d├ęcor.

This past weekend I turned this hallway closet into a ....

... Sewing Nook!
 We added 4 cubby units which gives me 24 cubbies to store and organize my fabric, yarns, and notions.
The drawer unit, tucked into a dormer nook, stores and my patterns, embroidery supplies and miscellaneous items.

I used tension rods above the drawer unit, thank you Pinterest, to store felting and crochet threads.

Since Grandpa is returning for a visit, I now have until Thursday to re-claim our guest room by finding a new place to store all the boxes I removed from the closet.


  1. Your sewing cubby looks great.

  2. Hi Theresa,

    Thanks! I am looking forward creating many projects in there!!


  3. I like your sewing nook. Hope you get the guest room back in order. I sympathize, any project I do seems to require some rearranging somewhere else

  4. Thank you Rhonda. Yes, I put all the boxes, etc. from the closet into the guest room. My evening project will be to disburse and organize those into other areas of the house.



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