Sunday, January 5, 2014

Out with the Old ... In with the New

We are five days into 2014 ... I have accomplished only the two smallest things on my list of four that I wanted to complete before my babysitting charge returns tomorrow from his Christmas / New Year break.  He will, again, be on vacation with his Grammy later this month.  Maybe I will get to cross off another task at that time.  Will our family's world end or will our family suffer great loss if I don't get these two things accomplished?  No, they are just some organizing chores I wanted to tackle.  Doing them brings a better sense of organization to my world.  Organization is not important to Mr.B and the children.  In all my efforts I can not conceive why they would not be as obsessive enthusiastic as I am about organization.  I've surmised that they don't have to be organized because they have me to efficiently manage the home and all the details that encompasses.  I shudder to imagine what our home would be like if I didn't live here.  Actually, since I visited Mr.B's apartment two times prior to our marriage, I have an idea (shudder) ... and that's all I'll say.
So, what did I accomplish?   I tossed a huge stack of Christmas catalogues (I remember when Sears & Roebuck and J.C. Penny were the only catalogues we received) and ...

... have been very happy to receive a few seed / gardening catalogues in the mail. I'll need to begin my garden planning in a few weeks.  I will collect / save these until summer ends.

I also crocheted an infinity scarf!  My dear sister, Mrs.A crocheted a gorgeous plum one for me for Christmas and I LOVE it.  I was so inspired by her gift, I attempted to make one.  I've been told that infinity scarves are a very popular fashion accessory this season for city folks.  It has been months and months since I've crocheted and I am so glad I took the time to indulge in this project.

I've perused many blogs that have shared excitement about putting 2013 behind and embarking on 2014.  I am so very thankful that although 2013 was not a bed of thornless roses for our family, we did not suffer any great losses or tragedies as others have.  I sincerely pray that those who are praying for a better 2014 are abundantly blessed with answered prayers.


  1. I LOVE the scarf! You did a beautiful job!

    My inner me has told me that I need to attack those piles that are growing. Then I tell my inner me, we will do it another day. It is going to be such a chore that my inner me cannot make me do it. LOL

    I love you and miss you terribly.

    Mrs. A

  2. Dearest Mrs.A,

    Thank you, Thank you. I think I enjoyed this project so much because it has been so many months since I'd even thought about picking up a crochet hook & yarn.
    I miss you more ... I love you more,


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