Saturday, July 28, 2012


Mr.B wanted the tree, pictured below, by our front door removed because it was about 70 ft. tall and had a significant lean toward the house.  We hired a tree removal service that has been in business 20+ years to do the work.
 As you can see from the additional photos, someone didn't properly figure the math and physics on this tree removal.

 Even the interior wall and window casing was pushed into the boys' room.  We also have damage to the steel roof.

 We lost our central a/c unit too.  Fortunately, the "hot" summer weather up here in Montana feels like cool spring weather to us Texans.

We are thanking God for insurance, but finding ourselves praying for an available contractor.  So far, everyone we've been referred doesn't even have time to come out and to assess the scope of work.


  1. Oh my word! Was the tree company licensed & bonded?

  2. Yes, they had insurance but that's proven to be the least of our problems with this.
    As stated in the post, we are struggling to find contractors to do the work. Most recently we were told by a contractor it would be 2 - 2 1/2 YEARS before he could get us on his list. Discouraging when our insurance company gives us only 2 years to complete the work.


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