Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mr.B Asked,

"Do you want to move back home?"
I replied, "Sometimes."


  1. How about Mr. A and I win the lottery (haha! Gotta play to win) and we move up there then you will have the best of both worlds. We could have our own church. You could be the preacher and I will teach Sunday school.
    How about that for a dream.

    Mrs. A

  2. I'd love to have y'all up here ... we could "home church" - however, since I do not believe I'm called to preach, maybe your Mr. A could fill that position.

    Love you girl!

    p.s. only ONE WEEK left!!!

  3. I think it's time for a visit then!! But then again the way things are in our area, I sometimes think I could move right along with you! :)

  4. Yes, ShellyKay we are OVER DUE for a visit! I am hoping we will be able to coordinate our schedules around the end of this month.



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