Friday, July 13, 2012

Has My Absence ...

... from the blogging world made your heart grow fonder?  "Busy as a bee" is what we've all been.  Eastern Montana springs and summers are FABULOUS, but also filled with activities and lots of time consuming outdoor work that can't be done during the frigid winters.  Here's a few posts chronicling some of what's been going on around here.

OG dressed for her 1st formal - "Daughters of the King" banquet.  She was invited to attend with one of her schoolmates.

Rural school and home school track meet.  OG was so proud of her 2nd place ribbon  in the running long jump, 9 ft. 11 in.  Pretty impressive for a girl of only 5' 1 3/4".  1st place was won by a 5' 9" student who jumped only 3/4" further!

EJ earned 4th place in the 100 meter dash.

EJ and OG represented our county well on the baseball and softball teams.  OG's 14 & under  girls softball team  played an undefeated season.

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  1. Welcome back, I have missed your blog very much.looks like a very energetic family lol..Lovely new kittens in the above blog happy Granma! really it is lovely to see your blog this morning.xx


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