Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Rain, Rain Go ...

... away, Come again another day "  

Mr B. and Grandpa, both, have 3 days off this Memorial Day weekend.  Lately, it's been a hit or miss having them around to work on larger projects.  Realistically, there is only so much the children and I can do on our own.  Sometimes I simply lack the resources of knowledge, physical strength and experience for specific projects.  Such as building our new hen house and chicken coop or loading an old cast iron 4' tall 3 ' wide forge and other very large iron scraps onto our trailer to haul off to the scrap iron recycle yard.  Lately having those two home at the same time has been a real challenge.  This one weekend that they are both off work and home, the 1st in several, the weather man has forecasted rain.  Thus far, he's right on target.


  1. That stinks! Maybe they could work in the barn.

  2. HA! HA! you're funny! It's raining so that means recliners and the remote control.


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