Friday, May 11, 2012

A Funny for Friday

Growing up JP was our funniest kid.  Lately it seems that EJ is determined to out do his older brother's comedic childhood.  Today, while we were in the little city (the one that's only 60 miles from home) returning the rented tiller that didn't work out (see previous post), we decided to stop by a local fast food restaurant.  Now that we live so far away form these sorts of things this is a real treat for the kids.  After finishing his "meal", EJ asked if he could have some cinnamon twists.  I relented, handed him $2 and instructed him to bring me the change.  He arrived back at the table with a huge grin and my $2.  I inquired, "Did she give them to you for free?"

EJ answered, "Yeah, that lady must think I'm REALLY hot!"

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  1. How cool is he!!!! and what a funny fella he must bring you heaps of joy.


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