Friday, January 29, 2010

Yes, I Do Have a Measure of Vanity

Hey, see that fuzzy guy sitting behind me in this photo? Do I REALLY look old enough to be his wife?
Folks, this is a photo of my dad and me on the dragon ride at LegoLand Discovery Center. During the past 3 1/2 months we've had 4 different people (a customer at Lowe's, a sales clerk at Macy's, a waiter in a resturant AND the ride attendent at LegoLand) refer to us as husband and wife!
This has been a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE ego boost for my dad. But alas, I must confess, it has devastated my self image. With my dad being 20+ years older than I, I am sure all women out there can somewhat relate to my current crisis regarding my physical appearance.
Yes, I know my inner beauty is most important. I know the Bible directs Christian women to develop inner beauty because our physical beauty will and does fade. I just never imagined I would EVER look old enough to be mistaken for my father's wife. BooHoo, BooHoo.


  1. LOL look at it this way...perhaps they are mistaking you for the distinguished gentleman's "trophy wife" and wonder how well off he must be to snag such a young, beautiful woman!!
    My husband gets outdone with people mistaking him for our children's GRANDFATHER! The thing is he really doesn't look that old, I don't think anyway. I don't imagine you do either! ;)

  2. Hi Everybody's Mama,

    This whole situation has become a very big funny around our house ... I am so glad you've also seen the humor in this!
    BTW, your husband isn't alone when it comes to daddy's being mistaken for grandpa's. Mr.B is very regularlly referred to as the younger children's grandpa when out in public with them - hee!hee!

  3. I have gotten that same thing from many people over the past 15 years with my Dad. It is so frustrating to me. I have gotten the tone of voice and look of "oh my," "way to you a sugar daddy". to "that's just disgusting." But these that do it and say it are uneducated in the situation and even after telling them..."no, he is my father" they still have their reservations. Oh please!

    So yes it is a blow sometimes to my self esteem but other times I just chalk it up to their ignorance. Yes, that may seem crass and ugly but it gets old and it is what it is. *grin*

    ~Mrs. M

  4. Hi Keeper of Our Home,

    I'm beginning to decide that I must find some humor in this. Although, when I look at photos I sincerely do not think I look old enough to be married to a man my father's age ... Maybe my dad just looks older to me than he does to everyone else?

  5. Have you seen the commercials when the woman is calling her cat in for the night or the one where the guy is pouring "charcoal" in the pit for the bbq? The woman allows a raccoon in and the dude is pouring dogfood instead. It is a common case of these people NEED GLASSES! There eyes are so old they can't see nuttin' huney!

    No you do NOT look old enough to be your father's wife. I'd say you look at least 29 and not a day over!

    I love you precious woman!
    Mrs. A

  6. Mrs. A!

    HA! HA! HA! HA! ...

    You always know how to make me laugh!

    BTW, notice I've changed my kids photos on my side pannel ... I've included ones with me, hoping others will agree with me, that I do NOT look old enough to be my dad's wife ... hee! hee! hee!

    P.S. when are you gonna start posting on your blog site again?


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